Random Knowledge is the story of the Fallopian Boobs, the 3rd best trivia team in Austin, the 5th best trivia team in Texas and the 1st best trivia team in their own minds.


It’s crunchtime as they reach the end of their weekly game and their sights are set on snatching first place from their bitter rivals, Boner of a Lonely Shart.


 Can they make up enough points to take them down?

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Randy was raised on a ranch outside of Lake Jackson, TX and grew up hunting and fishing and playing in the woods. A few years back he met a young lady who persuaded him to move to the city where he learned to enjoy good beer and food. And she really brought out his competitive nature when she introduced him to pub trivia. She’s since moved on but Randy still hangs around bars drinking and lending what help he can to his trivia team while having a good time. Randy is a sports stats master and a bit of a wild card... he usually knows the thing you’d least expect him to.








Justine grew up in Austin, TX and works as a drone in an office. She hates her job, but it affords her time to listen to murder podcasts while she pretends to work. And they have a fully stocked kitchen with Gardettos, so it’s not like she’s going to quit. Her boss really wants her to be more of a team player but honestly he’s kind of an asshole, you know? And who wants a promotion to team lead anyway? So, whatever. She plays trivia because it gives her time to work on being nicer to people in a group setting and also it’s fun to make fun of Gibson and Jason. And the free beer. She really enjoys the free beer.



Belle claims to have been born in a small village outside of Osaka Japan, but no one really believes that, and frankly, she doesn’t really care. Belle is passionate about great Sci-Fi, cute baby animals, and her homeland of Japan. She can often be found reading manga near her Tardis-shaped chicken coop or snuggling with her puppies on the couch and watching TV. She believes we live in a golden age of TV, and if you don’t agree with her you’re a big dummy. Oh, and she works in an office as an HR representative and hires and fires people for a living but she doesn’t think that’s as interesting and doesn’t think you should either.



Bears grew up in Highland Park, TX, but he rode his bike down to Austin the day after he graduated high school, since it was the only place he’d ever really felt at home. Since he’s lived in Austin, he’s held various jobs from head brewer at Bears’ Beerworks to head chef at P.B. Tacos to manager of the regional indie rock band “Clap Your Hands if You Can Dance”... he’s done nearly everything. He lives in a high-rise condo on the east side and currently is the sole employee of Bears Artisanal Soaps. He supplements his trust fund by selling weed and picking up shifts at a local sandwich shop from time to time.



Gibson grew up in the small town of Gun Barrel City, TX and dreamed of one day moving to the big city and being a superhero. He realized half of that dream when he and his childhood best friend, Jason, moved to Austin, TX straight out of high school. He’s still not a superhero, but he works part time in a comic book shop and full time as a web designer at a tech startup… all while being the Captain of one of the most respected pub trivia teams in the city. So he figures he’s halfway there. He has three dogs and hosts or co-hosts five different comic book-related podcasts, so you could say he stays pretty busy.



Jason was born to be a trivia master. He started reading at the age of 2, and once when he was 5, he drew a detailed map of his entire city from memory… to scale! Growing up in the small town of Gun Barrel City, TX doesn’t really make that as impressive a feat as he would lead you to believe, but he likes to brag about it anyway. He teaches History at Austin Junior College, and in his spare time devours every book he can find. He keeps a database of every trivia question he has ever played and has an intensive trivia training program he designed to help him one day unseat Ken Jennings. Watch out, he’s coming for you, Jennings!


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